Beginner’s Guide to Improving Oneself

In life, there will be rocks along the road that hinders us from believing in ourselves.

The thing is, that is normal. There’s no need to feel shame since it is innate for everyone to feel that once in a while. It is a human emotion that you can most certainly feel. However, it will be productive and highly beneficial if you will do something about it.

Coming across a hindrance in life is expected, but not doing something about it to move past it is not how you should end it. Pausing to feel it and using that time to reassess is okay but settling there is not. So if you ever feel like you need help in improving yourself, here are some practices you can consider applying to be met with fruitful results.

Do whatever you can under a minute.

Many content creators have been encouraging people to do things that they can. For instance, you have a bed that you need to fix first thing in the morning. Since it is something you can do in just a minute or less, they encourage you to do it right away. Along these lines, you can not only get things done but also battle procrastination.

In getting your things done, lighting up a positive energy candle can help further boost your energy. Such that, a minute-worth of cleaning will turn into a thirty-minute one that can allow you to clean up all your mess that you have left to clean. In return, it will not only clean up your things and make you productive, but it also helps you feel energized to even do more.

Shift your mindset from “why” to “what.”

When we come across a problem in life, we often ask ourselves why it is happening. That’s normal. We have different priorities, and issues are just no longer welcome on our plates. So, we get frustrated. We become mad and eventually develop more problems instead of solving the first one.

On that note, we highly encourage you to ask yourself instead, “what is this trying to teach me?” Instead of constantly asking why it is happening, try looking at the lesson it is trying to teach. Get yourself used to shifting your mindset so that you can deal with them effectively. In doing so, you may avail of malachite stone jewelry to maintain that balance.

There is power in taking over your emotions. Read more here to know how to do it well.

Get things done poorly.

According to doctors, you should brush your teeth for two (2) long minutes. Meanwhile, according to dermatologists, you should wash your body for five (5) to ten (10) minutes because that is already short and long enough to hydrate and moisturize your body without doing it overboard. However, you don’t have to follow them.

The thing is, it can be exhausting. That’s a fact; doing these things are taxing when you stick to these formulas or whatever. So, do them poorly. There’s been a quote circulating online that says, “the things worth doing are worth doing poorly.” True enough, doing the deed for a short time is better than not doing so because of the pressure of doing it in a specific timeframe. You can also reassess which things you can do poorly than not do at all through our Modern Day Wellness Practices that you can check out here

Practice smiling often

According to studies, smiling often can help reduce your heart rate. So, it can help you feel a little tense and eventually lower your stress levels. Even putting on a fake smile can do the trick because it deceives your brain and thus affects your overall well-being. Accordingly, it affects your mood and helps you see things.

Fake it until you make it, they say. That is probably why you often forget that celebrities are humans, too, because you often see them smile. So, do it, too. Help boost your mood by smiling constantly, but only during appropriate times. For example, don’t smile at a funeral because that may just appear creepy. To help build the ambiance in your home, when you do this, you can burn a sage so that it will also condition your space accordingly. In this manner, you are in harmony not only within but also with those beyond.

Here, you can see how to live a happier life. There is beauty in seeing the good in things.

Approach situations differently

There is no one-way solution for every problem. The truth is, there are various ways around it. And more often than not, what your head wraps you around is simply a minimal portion of it. Thus, it is highly imperative to approach them differently as it introduces you to fixes that get rid of them faster than it would’ve if you proceed with your initial solution.

Having an impartial mind is highly suggested so that you won’t be locked in your echo chamber, locked in your cynical circle. Clarity is essential because it allows you not only to see things differently but also openly and positively. To further help, you can avail of natural quartz that can not only be a home decor but also be a mindfulness buddy.


Changing your mindset and building your self-confidence is honestly hard. But the process no longer has to be if you know your way around it. So take the time to get to know yourself and work with it, not against it. There is no one-solution-fits-all that you can copy from others who are doing well, but there are those that you can adapt and apply accordingly. 

Also, keep in mind that there is such a thing as “toxic positivity.” So be mindful of what you consume and what you condition your mind into because it may be counterproductive with how you absorb it or how it is per se.

Life isn’t linear, and so are your emotions. Don’t fight against it; workaround it, instead.

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