Simple Things You Can Try To Not Let Anger Consume You

One of the most dangerous emotions of a person is anger. It leads people to be blinded by their own thoughts, so they burst like a bomb. Thus, when overwhelmed with such emotions, they are most likely to hurt other people even when they don’t intend to. What’s worse is they will end up hurting themselves in the process, too.

The thing is, anger is a powerful emotion. According to the American Psychological Association, anger is a wide array of emotions that varies according to intensity but is most likely to cause problems regardless of its fervor. So, in this article, we will be talking about the possible ways to control your anger before it completely takes over your entire system.

How to not let anger consume you

When dealt with in an unhealthy manner, anger can not only cause you intense emotions and broken relationships, but it can also cost you your healthy body. In fact, not dealing with your anger causes insomnia, depression, increased anxiety, and even eczema to other people. Here’s how you can prevent them from happening to you:

Find something that entertains you.

Lashing out is not healthy when you are angry, especially when you are doing it toward other people. For one, it ruins relationships, and two, it also hurts you in the process. So, instead of dealing with it right away, let it pass. Pause for a little while and rather entertain yourself. You can simply go through YouTube and laugh over cute puppy videos or be in awe of different dance challenges. You may also light up a smudge kit so you can let the negative energy leave your place. This helps ensure that when you are already in a lighter mood, your home will also be in one. 

Release serotonin by exercising or doing anything that makes you happy.

One of the reasons why successful individuals are happy and wealthy is because they exercise regularly. And although there is no science behind that pattern, there is science behind why people who exercise regularly are happy. This is due to the hormone serotonin that is responsible for regulating one’s mood. Thus, exercising helps you be satisfied and consequently helps you stop being angry. Of course, a simple 5-minute workout routine can already do since done is better than none at the end of the day. However, we highly encourage you to explore more options that make you happy so you can better foster happiness.

Write your thoughts down and crumple them after.

When you are dealing with your anger, it is not necessary to do it ASAP. But, you may do whatever pleases you. For some, they cry. For others, writing helps. Consequently, you can write your thoughts down so you can assess them. This way, you can identify your triggers and determine how you can deal with them should you feel angry over the same thing again. Doing so allows you to take accountability for your emotions and take control over how you deal with yourself as a whole. Upon doing so, you may light up a palo santo smudge candle to set the ambiance straight.

Practice meditation.

Since we have been emphasizing that you don’t necessarily have to immediately deal with anger, we highly suggest you practice meditation as well. When you practice meditation, you allow your body to calm down and let rationality take over again. That way, you can better process your emotions and realize what makes you angry and what you can do to solve it. Hence, meditating is not only a way that calms you down but also a way that helps you find probable solutions for your emotions. To help you do so more effectively, you may avail of the modern-day modern practices eBook that we have in store so that you will be guided on what to do.

Express them in a healthy manner.

The steps mentioned above can be considered sequential when you think about them. Before you express yourself, write your thoughts down, meditate, and others. However, you don’t necessarily have to do it step-by-step. They are only mere guides. But, doing them before expressing is suggested. Anyway, going back, when you choose to express your anger already, you must do so healthily. That way, you are fostering a conversation built on trust and love even despite the intense emotion that may be clouding your judgment. In healthily expressing your anger, we suggest you wear a chakra bracelet to better do so.


According to Aristotle, what differentiates man from animals is their ability to be rational, their capability of thinking straight, and for thinking logically. However, it is innate for humans to feel a rush of emotions, so it takes a great deal of patience and discipline not to let it consume you. Hence, we are here to help you deal with them.

What affects one causes a domino effect as it affects the other as well. The thing with anger is that it makes one blind toward other people’s well-being, making them selfish. So by dealing with anger and not letting it consume you, you are sparing yourself from remorse and pain when you cause such to yourself and other people.

They say prevention is better than cure. So, we highly encourage you to practice these little keys to not letting your anger consume you so that you can assess your triggers and learn how to better deal with them the next time around or, better yet, prevent them from happening at all.

Humans are interconnected in nature. They are dependent on one another, so what happens to one will significantly affect the other, too, no matter how it may not seem like it at the moment. So, stay on top of your emotions and don’t forget to be gentle with yourself, too.

Change doesn’t happen overnight, but these things that we presented can turn into habits that will help you deal with your anger more healthily. After all, we all learn and unlearn in life. So may these help you, and always remember that you are in control. So be responsible.

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