We should heal but not destroy.

Smudging helps us get rid of negative energy. But doing so should not cost us to lose the source of this liberty...

What’s commonly used for smudge burning? 

There are different materials used in smudging. Some of them are even extinct due to their widespread use. The materials commonly used for smudging are lavender, sage, Palo Santo, sweetgrass, and copal. The most common is sage.


It’s an evergreen flower from the Mediterranean that’s commonly used for smudge burning. Over the years, its use has been widely spread so just recently; the plant became close to extinction.

With this, The Mecka sustainably harvested and ethically sourced sage from farms in Southern California and Baja Mexico— two regions with suitable climates to grow sage naturally.

There are over 38 acres of land where it is planted, and during harvest, sage is obtained from different areas of it. That is to ensure the ground isn’t overworked and each plant is of the utmost quality.

Palo Santo

It’s a Spanish term for a wild tree native to Peru and Venezuela. Traditionally used for relieving stress, it has been widely used to this day for the very same reasons.

Apart from this, Palo Santo is also used for spiritual practices. It comes with pristine effects, so it is also used for house cleansing to remove negative energy and make room for the good ones.

Translating to “holy wood,” many now use it for the same reasons as sage. But unlike sage, it is not in trouble yet, which is why we shouldn’t wait for that time to come. Palo Santo comes with great benefits, and we should let it be passed forward.

Here in The Mecka, Palo Santo is directly sourced from Peru. In fact, trees are not cut down to have them sold in stores. Instead, Palo Santo sourced from Peru is only harvested from trees that have already fallen, so growing trees are left to further foster and bloom.

Smudging gives the liberty from negativity.

Many people mainly burn smudge to get rid of bad energy that’s filling their system up. Therefore, smudge burning helps in:

  • purifying your system
  • cleansing your environment
  • empowering your mind
  • relieving your stress
  • boosting your motivation; and
  • improving your mood.

It allows us to function to our highest capacity— so we can produce quality outputs and still be content by the end of the day.

What should be done now?

Sage is already close to extinction. And although Palo Santo’s still on the safe line, we should collectively be wary about its production. 
We consume, but we should also pass it forward.