Why Candles are Taking Over the Internet

If you’ve been going around on Instagram, you might’ve noticed how candle-selling Instagram shops have mushroomed over a few months already. All over the different states, and even the world, some people sell candles near you within your locality.

It may be because it is easy to make, with tutorials on YouTube and materials available on Amazon and Etsy. But aside from that, it is making its way out in the open because of its linked effects. Some studies provide why candles are making sales these days, but there is also a lack of evidence that only word of mouth can vouch for.

Consequently, like the candles we have in-store, it is not just about the scent but also about the purpose it serves. For example, our anxiety relief candle can help cleanse your mind to make room for positivity. It gently swifts the anxiety off of your system so that you can have enough space for better thoughts that are nowhere detrimental.

On that note, let’s gently tackle the reasons why candles are probably on most people’s online carts these days.

It brings relaxation.

May it be when it’s raining or it’s late at night, or any time of the day for that matter, candles bring relaxation. The subtle light that it brings is way better than any lamp can, may that be the sunset lamp that’s also paving its way on TikTok. After all, nothing can beat a natural. So no matter how many lamps get released, candlelights cannot be topped with. It not only brings relaxation but also provides an ambiance that lasts long.

Like our abalone shell candle here, most of the scented candles provide a certain feeling of comfort. But, just like how scents can bring back memories, mere candlelight can ignite certain feelings. For example, have you noticed in massage spas how candles are often lit? It’s there for a reason. Massage therapists intentionally place them there and burn them to promote an ambiance that can relax the person they are serving.

It can help uplift your spirit.

Have you noticed that they have candles lit up on the altar and all over the area whenever there is a mass or ceremony? Also, when people are praying, or even just meditating, do they light candles too? Candles can help in not only lighting a place up but also in making sure that people can focus accordingly. Like our pineapple sage candle, candles in general help people keep their focus simply by the flare it has and the light it brings.

So, the next time you feel like something is bothering you and you can’t figure out what, consider lighting a candle. Then, try to look at its flames and focus on that tiny circle of light that it comes with. Some studies say that merely looking at candlelight, even just for a few seconds, can significantly affect the way that they feel. So, test that hypothesis and light a candle when you feel low! Then, let the candlelight elevate and let your feelings flow. 

It accommodates you to sleep.

You might have heard and read this repeatedly, but it is highly recommended that you keep your gadgets away when it is about time to sleep. Apart from that, it is also suggested to turn your lights down, if not off, so that you can condition your body and go easy on your eyes. So, lighting a candle up can help you sleep at night easily. The candlelight is comforting in itself, so it can put you to sleep faster than you would’ve if you lit your lamp.

According to studies, the blue light coming from your screens and gadgets can manipulate you into thinking that you are not tired yet. For example, have you noticed how when you tell yourself to only use your phone for up to 10 minutes, you exceed more often than not? That’s because of the blue light that can trick you into thinking you are less tired but consequently makes you feel anxious. So, instead of grabbing your phones, light a candle up instead.

It sets the mood right.

You can see candles in the church as it helps in keeping the environment solemn and peaceful. You can also see candles in the room when someone meditates because it can help them keep their focus, especially when it is scented due to aromatherapy. You can also see couples lighting a candle up when they have an intimate dinner because it keeps the romance in the air. Basically, candles accommodate people accordingly.

Similar to our purification candle, different candles evoke a particular emotion. So there’s a specific one that people can use depending on what occasion they are using it. So simply put that just like clothes, candles can be up for particular occasions. That is because it promotes a sense of calmness and emotion that you cannot get from any other item. And to even solidify its emotional benefits, a Japanese study once noted that scents can diminish one’s melancholy which is why people are after scented candles nowadays.

It brightens the space.

Well, it is what it’s primarily used for before, right? Before vanilla scents were associated with candles, among many others, people used them in place of bulbs when the electricity was out. Even going back a little further, it was used as a light source in the earlier years, with lamps caging it in. So, beyond the aesthetic value it has and the beneficial effects it brings, it serves a purpose that can transcend through time.

Ask your grandparents what they used as a light source before, and they’ll say it’s a lamp. Even so, they will say it has a candle inside it. Apart from that, it can also be used to help give you better lighting. For example, in online classes, people are more often than not required to turn on their cameras. Candles are helpful as a backlight because it gives a natural glow that can complement your features.

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