5 Ways to Live a Happier Life

When we were young, perhaps we thought that life would be like unicorns and rainbows. We look up to our parents and other relatives and envy how they can buy things that they want, like those dolls and toy cars we want to take home from the store. Back in those times, we thought life was uncomplicated because we were, too.

But as we grow older, we realize our complex nature and how similar the world is, too. It’s no longer unicorns and rainbows but rather a battle that we all should fight-- regardless of winning or losing. As we grow older, we realize that people who have money can’t necessarily buy the things they want just because they have money. There are things far more complicated than that. So as we grow older, we become more complex, be less of a dreamer, and become a little less happy.

On this note, we will try to look into different ways to try at least to be happy in this article. Life may be complicated, and we may have developed into complex human beings, but we can all aim for a simpler life-- regardless of what simple means to us. So in this article, we will discuss five possible ways that can help you live a happier life.

Read more, may it be books or magazines.

For different people, reading means differently. Some do it for leisure, while some do it because they were required to. Regardless, we highly encourage you to read at least ten pages a day. Putting your phone away and focusing on something else can help you feel accomplished in a day, even though all you did was sit and read.

To help you feel good reading, you can light up a positive energy candle as you run through the streets of the books you’re reading. Besides, they help you have a much more open mind towards the world.

Exercise for just at least 5 minutes a day.

Science supports the claim that exercising can help you feel happier. But we understand that sometimes, getting up in itself is challenging. So exercising is harder. However, some things can help you get up in a day. For instance, you can light a rose sage at home to help you get out from the thoughts that are stopping you. It also helps in keeping your heart open to possibilities.

When you go through exercising videos online, you can see most of them are 30-minutes long. But there are now 5-minute long exercise videos that you can follow to help you take it one at a time. So all you have to do is follow them and take accountability.

Meditate at least once before you get up or go to bed.

According to a study, meditating has helped people be more compassionate, self-aware, gentler, and less stressed. That said, meditating plays a vital role in helping you live a happier life. It may not entirely do the trick overnight, but with consistency, you can achieve the objective you have in mind for doing it.

Practicing meditation is helpful and more enjoyable with accompaniment. For example, you can go through Spotify and listen to different LoFi beats and light an anxiety relief candle to make you feel better during the process. 

Consume only those that make you feel light.

With the rise of different issues all around the world, social media has become saturated with negative news almost every single day. That said, we highly encourage you only to consume those that make you feel better. You are responsible for what you put out online and those you take from the vast online space.

To help you be guided on what to consume online, you may wear a seven chakra bracelet with lava stones so that you will have enlightenment whether or not a post you come across online harms your system. After all, you can’t control what you see, only how you see them.

Give journaling a try, even not every single day.

Have you ever wondered why people love journaling? For some, they do it to organize their lives. It is like a planner that helps keep them organized and a diary where they keep their thoughts at. To make you feel lighter, you can try journaling, too, even just simply scribbling your thoughts or emotions down.

Putting whatever goes around your head into words helps make sense of your emotions. So, it is one of the ways to help you live a happier and more self-aware life. You can also wear and use a chakra stone bracelet combo to help you make sense of your emotions and eventually find healing in them.

Final words

Being conscious about the things we do and the information we accept in our daily lives can undoubtedly change how things currently are. However, one little step can make drastic changes in the long run, so start taking action today. At the end of the day, if there isn’t any light at the end of the tunnel, you have the power to make one.

The world is a cruel place to live in. Unlike how we make it in childhood, it is not full of unicorns and rainbows. Instead, it is bloody and selfish. But we can choose, every single day, to focus on ourselves and on our people to help this cruel place be a little more bearable to live in.

We may have had many realizations about how things are more challenging in our later years in life, but we can make it easier by choosing how we approach them and deal with them. Take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. Life is hard but sometimes, making decisions aren’t.

There isn’t any formula on how to be happier in life. But there are things we can do to try achieving it ourselves, through our different ways. May these help with your life, and may you start planting the seeds of your future today.

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