Tips for Smudging Yourself And Your Home

One of the ways we can utilize the cleansing power of fire is through the ancient practice of smudging. ⁣

🍀 Smudging is an Indigenous practice used to purify and clear the energy in your home and your auric field. Smudging is typically done using the smoke from a bundle of dried herbs such as sage, lavender, or rosemary. ⁣

The smoke from these plants harnesses the purifying properties of the fire and helps to carry away any intrusive or toxic energy from your home or your body. ⁣

So, here are tips for smudging yourself and your home:⁣

✨ Choose a Herb - There are many different types of herbs, woods, and resins that you can use to clear energy.⁣ We have a wide selection of cleansing herbs to choose from! Check them out here

✨ Set and Intention - Before smudging, you always want to set an intention or say a prayer to cleanse unwanted energies.⁣

✨ Produce Smoke - Light the end of your smudge stick on fire for about 10 to 30 seconds to create a strong smoke.⁣

✨ Cleanse Yourself - Smudge yourself by gently wafting the smoke over your entire auric field and each chakra.⁣

✨ Clear Your Home - Waft the smoke throughout your home. Pay attention to corners, doorways, and small spaces.⁣

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