Things You Need to Know About Malachite Gemstone

There are a lot of stones that spiritual people use for different purposes, and among them is the malachite stone, the important protection crystal with multiple healing properties. Malachite crystals are vibrant green gemstones that take away the negative energy from the body and those around you. And with its various properties, rich luster, and evident transparency, this stone not only goes well with your jewelry. It goes well with your entire being, too. 

What is a malachite stone?

Malachite crystals are minerals naturally formed on earth, with a chemical composition used for the production of copper metal. It is usually found on the surface of underground caves that undeniably piques your attention with its different hues of green. Ranging from a pastel green shade to emerald, the malachite stone is definitely something you can’t take your eyes off of.

Malachite meaning

The name of this gemstone comes from the Greek word malakos that means soft. But contrary to the origin of its name, the malachite stone is nowhere smooth. It is an effective protection against negative thoughts and emotions, and it helps in soothing your mood with its comforting hues of green— most especially when it is your favorite color!

Where can malachite crystals be found?

Malachite stones are first found in Egypt and Israel years ago, even before most of us were even born. Eventually, as time went by, these deposits were mined in Russia and ultimately led to its world dominance, especially for more spiritual than religious ones.

These stones are now used as gemstones that protect against anything negative energies and clarify any obstructions.

Why should you have a malachite gemstone?

Various malachite properties are manifested by users as they wear different accessories with malachite crystals in them. But what are the benefits of malachite?

Read further to know the benefits of malachite and how it can help you take all the worries away and attract all the positivity you’ve manifested for so long. 

  • It symbolizes healing. There’s always something with a green that reminds you of nature and peace. And similarly, it promotes healing. Hence, that same psychological effect can be felt from a malachite crystal because of its varying shades of green. From its pastel green hue to its almost black, intense green shade, malachite reminds you of the possible occurrence of healing to your well-being.
  • It gives awareness. The thing with anything green is that it gives you clarity, too. Hence, it will make room for any realization and reflection that you might have once your mind is clear of anything that obstructs it. With malachite, you can open your eyes to the wonders of the world. It can open your eyes to the things around you and what is out there for you to see yet.
  • It soothes anxiety. Not only does malachite promote wellness and gives awareness, but it helps you soothe yourself and fight against panic attacks and anxieties as well. Because it gives you awareness, it can help you sharpen your eyes to look around and see five things you can see, four things you can touch and feel, three things you can hear, two things you can smell, and one thing you can taste. 
  • It can turn you into your own support system. If you are someone who’s trying to move past trauma, the energy that malachite radiates can help you let go of the chain that has held you for so long. It allows you not to be a chained elephant. (Backstory: elephants used in the circus have had chains wrapped around their feet since childhood. And even after that chain has been removed, elephants still act like the chain is there. Because it was what they were used to. Because they have lived with it for a long time already.) So going back, malachite helps you grow past your chains. It helps you not be a chained elephant
  • It eases menstrual pain. Pissed with menstrual cramps? Fret not; the malachite healing properties not only cover anything that goes around your mind. It has physiological benefits, too. For women, malachite is used to ease the burden of regular (or irregular, for some) monthly visits. In fact, it has earned the name Midwife Stone because it helps with labor pains as well.
  • It helps you calm down. The malachite stone promotes wisdom. So for those who have anger issues, having malachite around can calm your nerves down and entertain rational thoughts. This also helps people with high blood pressure. Because it allows them to control their emotions better, people with HBP can soothe it down a little easier in the presence of a malachite stone. In fact, you can get a malachite bracelet to wear anywhere here
  • It makes you brave. People live in their heads, not realizing that there is a fine line between imagination and reality. With malachite, not only are you snapped back into reality. It also helps you go beyond boundaries. In fact, it enables you to be brave by making you deal with fears a little better. It has a particular effect on your heart that it consoles you and calms you down if you are nervous.

    How can I use malachite?

    The malachite gemstone now comes in different forms to the extent that they’re now used as accessories. If you want to check out other products with malachite in them, you may go through The Mecka and avail malachite bracelets for no more than $10 each. If you also want to get a smudge kit to hit two birds with one stone, a Peacock Smudge Kit is available too for no less than $25. Check this article out to know the benefits of smudging too!

    The Mecka

    There are things beyond the life that science can’t explain. And similarly, there are instances we are faced with that science can’t help us understand and ease. So, there are options that spiritual people can vouch for— items that you can invest in that enables you to deal with your fears better, totally get over your traumas faster, and consoles you more than medications and therapies do. 

    Malachite is a powerful gemstone that can change your life by helping you enhance the way you think and get you out of what your mindset locks you in. So try it out! There’s nothing to lose in trying, only a handful of wisdom and realizations to gain.

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