Different Ways to Harness the Power of Selenite Wands

Witches from the books we grew up reading use brooms. And wizards from the movies we are fond of watching uses wands. But what if you’ll come to know that people in real life use them too?

Unbeknownst to many, selenite wands exist. And real people use them for the various selenite properties that the crystal has. So even despite being human by flesh and blood, you can have your hands on wands and benefit from the various selenite healing properties for as long as you put your heart and mind to it.

What is a selenite crystal?

Selenite crystals are scientifically a mineral produced from below the salt encrusted surface. It contains multiple selenite healing properties which people to this day benefit from and manifest with, whether they may be a shaman or a layman. Coming in an opaque white color, this crystal is known for the clarity it gives that reflects its clear surface.

Beyond its physical properties, selenite crystals are known for its ability to clear other crystals and charge them. And according to the traditions that transcends time and were passed to generations after another by word of mouth, this is a property that not every stone and mineral possess. 

Selenite Crystal Meaning

Being around for so long, this crystal is named after the ancient Greek word for moon “selene.” In fact, it is also said to be named after the Greek goddess of moon with the same name. Thus, it is called selenite. That is why it is associated with illuminance. People place it on their windows or even make a window out of it because it is believed to bring light amidst the darkness that can’t overpower it. Aside from that, because of being named after the goddess of the moon, it is also linked to femininity and divinity. Thus, it is used for communicating with the beings we spiritually call to through its feminine and divine energy.

However, even despite being linked to the Greek Goddess of the Moon, selenite is not the same as the moonstone. From its colors alone, selenite comes in an opaque white to clear color while different moonstones are in pink and green, among many others. As per their varying physical appearance, on the other hand, selenite crystals are hard to maintain because they came from a salt encrusted surface. So whenever you clean them with water, it dissolves just as salt dissolves in the same solvent. Meanwhile, moonstones are as hard as quartz so they don’t dissolve as much. Aside from that, selenite and moonstones do not have the same chemical compositions. So, they are not the same minerals.

What can selenite crystals do to me and my life, in general?

This crystal that reminds you of purity not only implies these benefits and properties. They also make an actual effect in your life. Although it only possesses a few scientifically proven benefits because of its trace element, selenite crystals are beneficial to many spiritual people even though science is still yet to prove it.

With all that being said, come and get to know selenite crystals more so that you can benefit from its abundant benefits too, may it be to your health or to your spiritual well-being. Among many others, here are the selenite wand benefits.

Gives clarity

Being one of the most powerful crystals there is to use for spiritual people, it gives you clarity. That is why many crystal healers recommend keeping selenite crystals in your office or in your desk where you work so that you can focus and not procrastinate. It gives you clarity so it enhances your focus in whatever it is that you will be doing. So, in a way, it boosts your productivity too and makes your performance better, may it be at school or work.

Brings balance

Sometimes, things just feel too much. And waving the selenite crystal around can help balance the energies out. Life is a series of ups and downs but that doesn’t mean you should be on either. Sometimes, you can just be in the midst. And selenite crystals can help you achieve that because that is one of the many selenite properties people chase after.

Keeps negative energy away

Depending on where you place it, the selenite stone can protect you from negative, detrimental thoughts. For instance, when you get home from work, placing the stone at your doorstep or on the plant at your main door porch can help leave the negativity behind that you brought along from work or the outside world.

Promotes introspection

Because it clears away negative energy, it allows you to have more time in reflection and introspection. It promotes learning and unlearning certain concepts you used to live by and make room for new ones. It helps you in understanding and clarifying your opinions about situations and in recalibrating your goals. It allows you to be better.

Makes you manifest better

Through its impactful energy, it helps you achieve your manifestations even stronger because it keeps them moving around. It doesn’t stay still. So, there are more chances for you to get what you have always been asking the universe for.

Brings positive energy

It blocks away negative thoughts and energy so it only leaves your body with nothing but positivity. It protects the positive aspect you have and multiplies it because it not only charges crystals, it charges you too. Just like how the moon is charging when the sun is up, selenite crystals charge you whenever you’re down or up, unlike the sun. 

Where can I buy one?

There are a lot of resources online about where you can score selenite stones and crystals. However, not every recommendation given to you is legit. But fret not, The Mecka has selenite crystals available for you at affordable prices. You may check through their available selenite here may it be the wand or a bundle that you can use to strengthen your manifestations.

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