Techniques To Ground, Heal, & Balance Your Energy Levels

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a Reiki master at bringing energy healing to your daily life. However, there are some ways you can do to help ground, heal, and balance your energy levels without needing a healer’s help. Of course, Reiki masters can help you with so much more than just balancing your energy levels, but if getting this type of healing is out of the question, no need to worry. 

In this article, we will walk you through four techniques that can help you balance your energy levels even without the help of a professional healer. 

Connect to the universal flow of energy.

There is a constant source of abundance, creativity, and energy around you and you can tap into them by connecting to this cosmic flow of energy. There’s no special ritual that you need to follow, you can do so by envisioning a grounding cord springing through your seat, flowing down through the floor into the ground, and connecting it to the earth’s center. 

Just keep imaging and as you feel the connection, breathe into it, allowing the Earth’s energy to flow back to the connection you made. Let it flow to your feet, legs, abdomen, heart, arms, neck, and up to the crown of your head. Allow the beam to shoot out at the top of your head like a waterfall returning back to earth. 

This quick and simple visualization can fully connect and activate your energetic body with the universal energy and flow of life. 

Cleanse and brighten your aura.

If you feel that you’re out of balance, drained, or have absorbed a lot of external negative energy from your environment. It shows in your aura. Your auric body is composed of particles and the vibrations of these particles correspond with different colors and meanings. 

Imagine your aura as a strand of Christmas lights. They will not light up until you plug into a power source. When you have a foggy aura, you lack energetic flow and your colors are not as vibrant as they used to be. They will look hazy, giving off a static vibration that hinders you from operating with a clear mind. 

To help cleanse and brighten it again, here’s one technique you can try. Find a comfortable seated position and bring the fingers of your right hand together at one point. Next, do the same thing to your left hand. Take your left hand and bring it to the right side of your hairline above the forehead. Then, take your right hand to the opposite side of your left hand. Hold this position for 15 seconds and switch out the arm, with your right arm now on top of your right arm, and hold this for 15 seconds. 

Your energy center is like a Christmas light, and using this technique can plug them right back in, lighting up your whole energetic body. It allows you to reactivate the flow of your energy, flowing freely to all areas of your organs, muscles, limbs, back together. 

You can also cleanse and protect your aura by using a 7 chakra bracelet that can help align your chakra and maintain the balance of your energy. 

Work through stagnant pain.

Do you have any pain in your body that won’t seem to go away? Take a few deeps and focus on that area. Start to breathe down that space and ask yourself, what is this pain trying to tell me? Try to imagine this pain coming out of your body and taking its own form, sitting in front of you. As it sits there, allow a cascade of bright white light with golden flecks to envelop your body and the pain.

As this bright white light covers you and saturates the pain’s body, imagine the pain dissolving. Continue breathing deeply until the pain completely dissolves, leaving only the bright white light. Then, invite that new, positive, and fresh energy to come back into your body and fill the space your pain used to take up. 

While this isn’t an alternative to medical healing, it can help you look at the pain in a different light and allow yourself to have fresh new energy, not giving in to the constant pain. 

Create an energetic shield to protect your energy.

Whenever you connect twitch others, through a conversation or sharing a living space, you’re engaging in a form of energy exchange. You may have noticed that moods can be contagious and the mood of the people you spend time with can have a proud effect on you, your energy, and your mindset. 

So, is there a way for you to protect yourself when you have a messy, unpleasant energy exchange? Yes, there is. You can create an energetic shield around your body that can stop negative energies to saturate yours, further preventing any pain and keeping others from draining your energy. 

You can do so by sitting for two minutes and imagining a bright light (any color you choose is fine) sparking inside your upper abdomen and shining brightly so that the light can expand out through all the areas of your body, saturating your auric body. Think of it as a comforting blanket that keeps you warm and centered. Try doing it for two weeks, using different colors if you wish. If you notice any difference or notice that some color has more effect on your body, stick with what feels good for you. 

Alternatively, you can cleanse your space using a smudge stick, to ensure that no negative energy can stay where you live. 

Different situations call for different means of grounding, balancing, healing, and your preferences may change over time. You can come back to any of these methods any time you need. Your energy will take care of you, as long as you take care of it.

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