How To Incorporate Rituals Into Your Daily Life

Life is made up of routines and habits that we eventually unlearn and learn every day. Others often lose track of time because of how used they are to the practices they stick to every day already. Meanwhile, for some, they only cater to those that happen spontaneously during the day per se.

Routines are what steer our day to tomorrow. For others, it is what makes them feel accomplished, while for some, it locks them in a box they can’t seem to get out of.

Regardless, routines are boring. There, we said it already. It is monotonous, and it is so far from exciting.

After the pandemic, people became more conscious about the things that they do every day. What changed is how they shifted their minds from having a cup half empty into a cup half full instead. People are now more purposeful on their day that they think of one thing: pure intentions.

It is not a piece of exclusive information that conforming to something is tiring. So often, it sucks the motivation and enthusiasm out of us that we tend to feel burnout— even when not doing anything. But here we are to tell you that there is something that you can do to make your every day better. Rituals!

When you ask someone what comes to mind when you say the word “ritual,” some may incorporate it into ancient practices. Meanwhile, others include it with mere routines and habits.

And both are correct.

Rituals are purposeful practices that have been long executed by people who were born even before the time that our parents came to life. It is a routine or habit that they nurture every day, so it is not only intentional, it is also consistent.

Being intentional with what we do in life doesn’t always come around. There are days where we feel like doing mundane things and keep the vibe monotonous, while there are also days where we’d like to pump up the beat and feel excited even about the tiniest things.

If you are wondering how to spice things up with your life to make even the irrelevant things meaningful, here are some of the things that you can do:

Light up a candle every morning. 

When you wake up, we highly discourage you first to pick your phone up. Instead, we urge you to get up, stretch even just for 5 minutes, and light a candle. Doing so sets the ambiance and mood for the day. Depending on what you prefer for the day, you can light up a purification candle so that you can have a clear day away from the negatives of yesterday. You may also light up an anxiety relief candle so that you can brush off every single thing that you’re worried about.

Setting the day right is essential in turning the tables around. So, consider starting your day by lighting up a candle and let it stay still as you do your morning routine. That way, you can carry with you the vibe you want to set for the rest of the day.

Make reading a habit. 

You have probably read this already elsewhere, but it’s true-- reading books helps keep your mind sharp and helps make your day intentional. In fact, you can finish a book in just a week! It helps you feel pumped, and it also helps you widen the scope of your mind. Consequently, it allows you to think clearer and more logically. More creative, even.

To finish a book within a week only, divide the entire book pages into seven so that you can have a daily page goal every day. Thank us later! (If you’re too busy to read a book a week, you can try reading two a month, instead. It helps you be more positive and light-headed all day, every day).

Stretch even just for 5 minutes after you wake up. 

If you go to YouTube, you can find stretching videos for 5 minutes long only, so you no longer have any excuse to skip doing this. Stretching every day helps your blood flow by allowing your blood to distribute throughout your body evenly. Also, since there are 5-minute-long videos already, you can do it in between your meetings or work or in between your Pomodoro.

If you don’t feel like doing so, we suggest wearing a malachite bracelet to keep you determined and optimistic. Malachite bracelets are proven by experts to help people keep their determination and motivation at a high. So if you don’t feel like stretching in the morning, wear a malachite bracelet to counter that. You may check out different malachite bracelets at The Mecka here.

Try smudge burning. 

The Mecka has many options for you if you would like to try smudge burning out. They have kits and individual products that help you set the bar high regarding how you want your day to be. For instance, they have a Full Ritual Kit which is perfect for helping you become more intentional with what you want to do with your life. Among the benefits of smudge, burning is keeping negative energy and thoughts away so that you can make room for better ones. In addition, it enables you to keep your feet on the ground, all while keeping your eye directed at the sun to see the light. 

Getting to know things that will accommodate you in doing your rituals is among the steps of helping you explore different practices that you can incorporate into your daily life. If you are serious about getting into it quickly, you can go through The Mecka to avail products that will help you incorporate rituals in your daily life as quickly and effectively as possible. 


Rituals aren’t just great, grandiose things that require you to make drastic changes in a day just to make it effective. Sometimes, it is just the little things and adjustments that you can do and make in a day to make it a little better than mundane.

In the Philippines, there are different rituals for when one gets married, gets their first period, has their firstborn, or even dies. But rituals are not only limited to these grand things that have been passed from one generation to another. So, don’t limit yourself.

Explore different rituals and determine what works best for you. To guide you, explore different rituals with The Mecka!

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