Successful Habits You Can Try To Start Your Year Right

It's 2021! A new year has started, which is an opportunity for us to improve our daily habits. We have round-up successful practices you can try (and continue throughout the year!) to help make your life easier. We are already familiar with most of these habits, but the most crucial part is implementing them daily and making them part of our daily lives. 

It takes 21 days to successfully form a new habit or to stop a negative one. Most of us find it easy to start incorporating a new habit within the first few days or weeks, but as we progress, sometimes our old habits begin to creep in, and before we know it, we're back to square one. We understand how difficult it is to form new habits; that's why this list includes small yet significant changes that can help you get a better balance and emotional health in your lives. 

If we can truly embrace and live by these new habits, we will be equipped with the right attitude to handle what may come our way in this new year. Always remember, we have everything we need to succeed in our life and navigate through each and every day. We just need to realize what our responsibility and what is not. Once we can accept this and that life is what we make out of it based on our attitude and decisions, the better we can maintain a balance and peace on a daily basis. 

Here are the successful habits you can try to start your year right.

Start your day with a time for yourself

This may sound cliche, but it is important to allot time for yourself every day. Most of us wake up just in time to get dressed and go to work. This means that our day starts off rushing and often ends up being entirely exhausted. When this happens, we can feel like we are just stuck on a routine, working until we get tired and resting until it's time to work again. By beginning your day with a time for yourself, you have time to think about your day. You can use this time for prayer and meditation, or it can just be a quiet time before all the rush of your day, or even as a planning time to sort out your schedule. You can also use this day to set an intention and create a daily ritual of smudging

Understand what motivates your actions

It's in our nature to run our lives based on what we feel. If we get upset, we give them a piece of our mind or say what's the first thing that pops in our head. From experience, we all know that this habit doesn't prove successful. This new year, we should accept that it is our sole responsibility in life comes down to our actions and reactions to any situations and even the words that come out of our mouth. Whenever you respond to a situation, understand what motivates you. Then, assess whether this motive is aligned to who you are and what you want. Make sure that you won't regret anything that you will say or do because you did it out of anger, spite, or revenge. 

By taking a moment to ask and understand your motives before you say or do something, you can keep yourself in check, especially if you are overwhelmed with your feelings or emotions. 

Always remind yourself of what you CAN control

There are things in our lives that we can't control whatever effort or worry we put into it. For example, we can't control the company we work for, especially if they decide to let some people go and we definitely don't have power over the weather. We also need to know that we cannot change other people, only ourselves. Think of the time you tried to control others; what was the outcome? Were you successful, or did you fail miserably? Once you can accept that the only person you can change is yourself, you can experience a different sense of freedom. Now, you can stop worrying about other people or devising a plan to try and get them to do something you want. Yes, you can't control what other people do or say, but you have complete control over your actions, words, and reactions. 

Be grateful for what you have

This is one of the most essential habits anyone must-have. In this life where everything comes and goes easily, we tend to focus on the next material thing that would make us feel better about ourselves. Not only that, but we also started wanting what other people have and resenting our life because we don't have the same things as them. If you are doing this to yourself. Please stop. It is a negative place, and this can only lead to self-doubt and resentment. The only reason to look at others' plates is to check whether they have enough and how you can help them get through it. Never compare. Always be grateful for what you have, and if you can, start helping others. It can change your whole perspective in life. 

The Mecka

We all know how important it is to build successful habits that can help you get through your everyday life. If you want to create a ritual of your own to take care of your overall wellness, we are here to help you. Here at Mecka, our goal is to help create a ritual and a process that allows you to relax and enjoy the important things in life. We can't control what happens to us every day, but we can control how we react and feel. We should cherish every moment we have, but that's a lot easier said than done. That's why we find products and techniques that will help lead better lifestyles and instill better habits that will hopefully one day make our world a better place.

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