How To Cleanse Your Home: Clearing The Bad Energy From Your House

Your home is a haven; you should feel relaxed, happy, and at peace when you're in it. But sometimes, bad energy enters and linger in your home, turning it into a place of hostility and negativity. Having negative energy in your home can affect different aspects of your life, including your relationship. That's why cleansing your home is an essential part of your well-being. 

You can easily notice when bad vibes are lingering in your home. Negative energy from arguments and illness can accumulate in the shared spaces such as living rooms, kitchens, and dining areas. Your home can be organized and clean, but you can still feel something heavy in it. You don't need to be a trained Zen master to notice the bad energy. By paying attention to the subtle frequencies of energy in your home, you will notice if there's negativity.

To determine whether a room is cleansed and energized, you should feel light and fresh when you enter it. Not just in your home but also in everything in your life, learning how to remove negative energy takes practice; that's why you should make smudging, healing crystals, and other practices a part of your daily habit.

If you've just moved into a new home, one of the first things you should do is cleanse it from any negative energies that might still be lingering from the previous owners. Or if you are going through a significant transition in your life—break up, getting fired from a job—or just in a funk, clearing the bad energy from your home can help. This guide will help you understand how you can clear your home and start anew. 

Signs of Bad Energy in Your Home

It doesn't require advanced skills to detect any negative energy in your house. You can quickly tell whether the energy is good, threatening, or neutral based on how you feel inside when you are at home. Bad energy and stress go hand-in-hand, so if you always feel exhausted and on edge, your home's energy is partly to blame. If you're unsure whether your home is filled with negative energy, here are some red flags you should be aware of.

  • Negative relationships - When the people around your house—children, family, spouse, and friends—have been negative, there's a huge chance that negative energies have been lingering in your home. Bad energies attract bad energy, and this becomes a dangerous cycle. 
  • Excessive complaining - If you catch yourself or any of your family members complaining almost every time, even when things are okay, or worse when they're good, you may have negative energy in your home. This is also the case if you're struggling to keep positive in your life. 
  • Criticism - Do you find yourself criticizing almost everything and everyone? Well, your home may be swamped with bad energies. When you or the people in your house continues to send out negative vibrations, it attracts more bad energies in your home. 
  • Blame - Always playing the blame game in your home means that negative energies are lurking around it. These energies prevent the people in your home (including you!) to look inward and place responsibility where it belongs. 
  • Clutter - The most apparent sign of negative energy in a home is clutter. Clutter hinders the natural flow of energy in your home, so it could keep the bad energy in your home, making things worse. 

Even if you aren't seeing or picking up on any of these warning signs, it is still ideal for cleansing your home, especially when someone has had an argument, been experiencing stress at work, or sick. Negative energies can creep up into your home over time, so it is advisable to clear it whenever you feel like doing so. 

How to Cleanse Your Home


Smudging is a powerful ritual that can clear the energy of any person, place, or object. This has been part of the Native American culture, where they use smudging to cleanse and bless places and people. While the ritual itself is simple, it is powerful enough to remove any bad energies lingering in your home. You can also smudge places where arguments occurred so that the negative energy won't occupy the area. 

If you are new to smudging, you don't have to worry. Our smudge starter kit can help you get started. It has everything you need to clear out the negative energy, plus a blessing guide and smudging instructions to help you with your home cleansing journey. 

Healing crystals

You can also use healing crystals to cleanse the energy of your home. There are various healing crystals, but one that can help heal and restore balance in your home is our Pure Energy Natural Quartz Crystals. This type of crystal is known as the "Masters of Healing" because of its healing properties. It can help amplify good energy in your home, so you wouldn't have to worry about bad energies lingering. Apart from helping cleanse your home, these healing crystals are also ideal home decor. 

Home energy kit

Another way to cleanse your home is by using The Mecka's home energy kit. Our home energy kit includes three premium white sage bundles with roses and a dry flower arrangement with a small vase. So apart from cleansing your home, you also get home decor that is uniquely made for you. We have partnered with a local family florist, Unique Floral Designs, to handcraft each bundle for you. 


There are various ways to cleanse your home and remove negative energies lingering in your home, and it's up to you which method you'd like to use. All of them are deemed effective to clear bad energies and help restore your home's natural balance. 

The Mecka

Do you need to cleanse your home? Here at the Mecka, we have a wide range of products that can help eliminate negative energies in your home. Our goal is to help create a ritual and a process that allows you to relax and enjoy the important things in life. We can't control what happens to us every day, but we can control how we react and feel. We should cherish every moment we have, but that's a lot easier said than done. That's why we find products and techniques that will help lead better lifestyles and instill better habits that will hopefully one day make our world a better place.

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